Who We Are


MasquelierOnline.com is a web consulting group founded by the Rev. Dr. Paul J. Masquelier, Jr.   Paul Masquelier was one of the Presbyterian Church (USA) pioneers in the design and implementation of Web Sites.

In 1995, Paul Masquelier began work on his first web site. At that time, he was one of the pioneers in making use of the web to communicate with leaders and members in the Presbyterian Church.  He has designed dozens of sites that are being used at the local congregation, Presbytery, Synod and national Levels of the denomination.  Paul has also developed web sites for a many other non-profit organizations, for businesses and for professional persons.

Paul is a active member of the the Google Developers Group – Silicon Valley.  He has made presentations to web professionals on the use of Adobe Contribute and other tools for web design.  Among those groups to whom he has made presentations, regarding web design and strategy, are the Silicon Valley Web Guild and the Presbyterian Communicators Network

Paul serves on the Steering Committee of the Google Developers Group – Silicon Valley.